The Equistro supplements have been recommended to me by a dear friend and leading Australian racehorse nutritionist in 2009 – and I have never looked back since. They have made a huge difference to my horses in their overall wellbeing, their performance and also their “looks”. All horses in my yard are – at their individual level – top athletes and it is imperative to me that everything is being done to ensure their wellbeing and give them the best chance to develop and perform at the best of their individual availabilities. There is a history to each of my individual favourite products – Excell E to me is as valuable as “pure gold”, Kerabol has been “live changing” for some of my horses, Flexadin UCII is a priceless support to my top competition horses - and many more. I am delighted that I have now, after 7 years of intensive use of the Equistro products, become a part of the Equistro family !

HOY Andrew (Australia)

I’m using the Equistro products since 2010 and for me not only the effeteness’ is important but also that the products are not positive in FEI doping tests. I’m giving all my horses on the higher level Flexadin UCII as well to prevent injuries as to keep the  joints flexible.  To support the muscles I use Excell E and if necessary in combination with Azodine. I also feed Chrysanphyton to some of my horses if needed and of course Elektrolyt and Elytaan where needed.Products as Respadril and Elimination I always have at the barn. I’m happy to have the support of Equistro and belong to the Equistro family.

PATTEET Gudrun (Belgium)

I know the EQUISTRO range for a long time, and my horses already use some of their products on a daily basis. I saw the benefits last summer during the Olympics. I therefore wanted to strengthen this collaboration. My first concern is of course the well-being of my horses, and feel them in top form on D-Day. The high level requirement forces us to work with the best. EQUISTRO is part of this logic of excellence. Their expertise will be very useful to me.

Philippe ROZIER (France)
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